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Vinyl Flooring in Mequon and Brookfield, WI

Kerns Carpet One Floor & Home is your local neighborhood expert when it comes to flooring. We offer the area’s best selection of vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is the most sought-after options in residential and commercial settings. Its durability and versatility are major benefits and it easily installed in your home. Our professional flooring experts are there to help you pick out the best floor for your home, and an eye for design so you can stay ahead of the latest flooring trends.



One of the major benefits of vinyl flooring is its appearance. Vinyl flooring is made to look exactly like real wood and stone, and these looks are truly authentic. In addition, most vinyl floors even have textured surfaces that feel like wood. Not only do you get the amazing looks of hardwood flooring, but they are easier to install, clean, and you don’t have to worry about spills damaging your floors.


Types of Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl flooring comes in different forms and styles. Most common are vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl planks. Vinyl tiles look just like tile but are much warmer under foot. Tile bears a longstanding tradition of beautifying our homes and public spaces, but traditional tile isn’t always the best fit. Ceramic and porcelain tile have a tedious installation process and can get quite costly. Vinyl tile allows us to enjoy these beloved visuals, minus the prospect of grading and grouting.



Whether you’re seeking a moisture-ready flooring for your kitchen or bathroom, are simply stretched for time, or have pets in the home, vinyl tile can manage even the toughest scenarios. Its dense construction means you won’t worry about scuffing, dents, or damages, and it resists everyday stains with ease. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, making it easy to mix and match for a unique composition. You’ll even find fully waterproof options.



Vinyl planks are made to look exactly like hardwood but are much more durable. Although vinyl plank and genuine hardwood planks are distinct products, there are good reasons to opt for the former. Wood-look vinyl plank can boldly go where real hardwood can’t. It fares exceptionally well in spaces like finished basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.



Vinyl plank is more affordable than genuine hardwood flooring. Over the long-term, it’s also more cost-efficient since it won’t ever need to be sanded or refinished. Select options are fully waterproof, and all vinyl plank is comfortable to stand and walk on.


Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?


Although vinyl flooring looks and feels like wood and stone, it offers far greater performance. Vinyl floors resist scratches, scuffs, and pet stains. Plus, most vinyl floors are water resistant, and they also are built for heavy foot traffic. Consequently, luxury vinyl flooring, unlike wood and stone, can be installed anywhere in your home. There are even waterproof options that you can install in your basement. Have beautiful looking and multifunctioning floors throughout your home with luxury vinyl.


Vinyl Flooring Installation


Vinyl flooring can be installed anywhere in your home. Types of vinyl that are waterproof can be installed in your bathroom or laundry room. Other types of vinyl flooring are well suited for kitchens, living rooms, hallways, and even bedrooms. We even offer options that can be installed in finished basements or attics.


Our Vinyl Flooring Selection


We are your local source for all things flooring. As a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, our featured vinyl flooring brands are Kolay™, COREtec™, Invincible™ LVT, Invincible XT™ and VERÓSTONE™, all of which are Carpet One exclusives. Stop by our showrooms in Mequon or Brookfield, WI to see our collection of vinyl flooring or shop us online today.




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Caring for Vinyl Flooring


Maintaining your vinyl flooring is incredibly easy: simply sweep your floor to remove any lingering debris. An occasional light mopping can also be used for more intensive clean-ups.




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