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Laminate Flooring in Mequon and Brookfield, WI

Laminate floors are low-maintenance, durable and offer wood and stone visuals at a fraction of the cost of real wood and tile. Laminate flooring requires no adhesives and can be installed directly over existing floors. It’s scratch resistant and more durable than genuine wood flooring.



Don't settle for outdated floors that are damaged by everyday wear and tear. Revamp your home or office with fresh laminate flooring from Kerns Carpet One Floor & Home. For busy families with pets, laminate flooring is an ideal option that resists impact, dents, scratches, and fading.


Laminate vs Hardwood


Today’s laminate flooring looks more realistic than ever before and is a great alternative to natural hardwood. The image layer of laminate flooring consists of a high-definition digitally printed image under a strong and scratch resistant wear layer. Most laminate planks also feature textures that look like hardwood.



Unlike hardwood, laminate flooring is made to resist scratching, gouging, and other damages from impact. Since laminate floors are built in layers, it is more dimensionally stable than a solid wood plank. These planks also resist warping, buckling, or collapsing when exposed to moisture or high humidity. It is naturally wear-resistant, and no additional treatments or finishes are needed. This layer also makes the floors much easier to clean.


Is Laminate Flooring Waterproof?


Most laminate flooring options feature a level of moisture resistance, and we do offer laminate floors with 100% waterproof protection for added durability. If you happen to live with pets or toddlers, we don’t have to tell you that added reinforcement is a necessity in rooms where families spend the most time. Consider a fully waterproof option: we can’t say enough about our exclusive product line, Mirror Lake Performance Flooring. Designed to make life more manageable, this stylish yet substantial floor is fit for everyday adventures.


Laminate Flooring Installation


Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for installation in high-traffic rooms, such as entryways and living rooms, and high moisture areas such as kitchens and baths. Professional installation is recommended for the best results. Our team of flooring experts can help ensure your flooring is the perfect fit, while a professional installation is the best way to ensure optimal warrantee coverage should the unthinkable happen down the road.


Our Laminate Flooring Selection


Kerns Carpet One offers a wide range of laminate flooring in all your favorite colors, designs, and patterns in name brands such as Quick Step and Mirror Lake. Our sales professionals understand color and design and can assist you in finding the right floor for your home or office. Check out our vast selection of laminate flooring in new and trendy colors.



Stop in to one of our Milwaukee area two locations or go to our shop-at-home page to schedule an appointment for an in-home consultation. We’ll gladly set up an appointment to accommodate your busy schedule.




Learn More About Laminate




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Caring for Laminate Floors


Laminate is known to be the flooring with carefree maintenance. Get the looks of hardwood in your home but with the added durability of laminate.




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