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Wool Carpet

Natural, sturdy, and always renewable, natural wool has long been a favorite for carpets and rugs, and it’s no wonder why. Beautiful and entirely organic, there is a lot to love about wool. Naturally soft and luxurious, wool fibers are, by their very nature, resistant to stains and soiling. Thanks to the natural elements of sunshine and rain, grass and grazing herds of sheep, the resulting wool fibers are a wonderful addition to your home and are free of synthetics or harsh chemicals.

We have the largest selection of wool carpets in Milwaukee and as your locally owned flooring retailer, we can provide you with quality wool flooring and our professional services. Purchasing a wool carpet from us means you are not only purchasing flooring, but also valuable and quality products and services. Our professional installers are well acquainted with wool carpeting and will get the job done for you.

Karastan wool carpet

Benefits of Wool

With a world of carpeting and rug options to choose from, it often makes the most sense to stick with the tried and true, traditional wool. Here are some of the many reasons why wool works so well in your home:

Strength & Resistance - wool has a natural crimp which means it can 'bounce-back' after being compressed. This means that the pile compression, tracking marks and shading are significantly reduced. Because of this crimp, wool can maintain such a good appearance over many years.

Easy maintenance - Wool is a natural fiber and contains natural oils. These oils are resistant to soiling, and basically all that is needed is regular vacuuming. While most spills can be repelled, keeping an absorbent cloth handy is recommended for inevitable spills.

Comfortable - wool carpet is famous for its comfort and warmth, which is why homeowners associate it as luxurious flooring. Wool carpeting is energy efficient as it will act as an insulator keeping your house warm. It even has the ability to absorb humidity in the air and will then release it back when the atmosphere becomes dry. Wool will also absorb sound and will cushion the home against echoes and noise caused by traffic

Natural and sustainable - Wool grows on sheep, which will graze freely, making it 100% natural and fully sustainable. Shearing is an important part of caring for these animals and provides a fresh supply of wool available every year for the carpet industry.

Caring For Your Wool Carpet

Caring for your wool rugs is much easier than you think it is. Simply blot away stains using a paper towel, following up with dry, carpet-cleaning foam for onsite spot cleanings. Every day cleaning can be accomplished with regular vacuuming. A professional, deep-cleansing is advised at least once a year.

Our Wool Carpet Selection

At Kerns Carpet One Floor & Home in Mequon and Brookfield, we’re proud to carry an impressive inventory of natural wool carpeting and area rugs, including beautiful selections by Karastan, Masland, Nourison, Stanton, and Godfrey HirstVisit our Carpet Brands page.

Be sure to watch the video below to learn more about wool carpet from Karastan.

Featured Carpet Brands

karastan carpet and rug


Karastan brings functionality and style to any room in your home. These wool carpets are made to last and suit just about any type of lifestyle.

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Masland carpets symbolize over 140 years of manufacturing expertise and a legacy of outstanding quality, design mastery and color leadership.

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Nourison has over 100 collections of off-the-shelf finished rugs for you to explore and to protect your new hardwood investment.

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For more than 30 years, Stanton has grown to be one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and importers of decorative, high-quality carpet and custom rugs.

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