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Karastan Carpet & Rugs

If you’re looking for superior quality wool carpets, then Karastan is the right brand for you. Now, your next question may be “why should I choose wool for my home?” Let us tell you why and then you can make the decision yourself that Karastan wool is in fact the right choice in carpeting for your home.

Wool Carpet Benefits

Wool is naturally easy fiber to clean. The fibers produce oils that prevent dirt and other spills from being absorbed into the fiber. Wool is also hypoallergenic, and does not promote the growth of bacteria or mold making it safe for your family. Wool is a naturally crimped fiber, meaning it has a built in resiliency to crushing so you don’t have to move your furniture around to cover up an indent. Wool is a safe option for homes with children because it is naturally flame retardant and can self-extinguish, has heat insulating qualities to stand up against tough winters, and of course is environmentally friendly. 

Are Karastan Carpets Strong?

Karastan carpets are built to last. They combine beautiful designs with incredible durability. Karastan only uses premium fibers to ensure top-notch quality. They are also made to resist soiling and staining, making maintenance easy for you.

Karastan carpets are designed with high-quality materials that are both practical and functional. These carpets will withstand the test of time. The room you choose will be transformed into an engaging space.

Best Pet Friendly Carpet

From your traditional cats and dogs to exotic birds and reptiles, the SmartStrand carpet uses the latest technology to make your carpet a breeze to clean and maintain. SmartStrand has a zero percent absorption rate that prevents musty odors from lingering. The fibers that make up the carpet are also renewable and sustainable, meaning you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing an environmentally friendly carpet.




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